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Grooming Services

At Uptown Grooming we use low stress techniques such as towel drying.   We dry animals by hand using an air dryer and fans. We use only the highest quality shampoos and conditioners on the market.

Standard Grooming Service Includes:

  • Bath:
    • Luxury shampoo, conditioner and styling spray based on your dog's coat
    • Ears cleaned
    • Nails trimmed
    • Eye trim, paw pad shave and sanitary trim (if needed)
    • Deshed (if needed)
    • Hand dry with brush out
  • Add on to a bath :  mini groom, scissor trim
    • Full face trim, feet trimmed, tail neatened  $5.00 - $15.00 extra
    • Teeth brushing for an additional $5
  • Full Groom:  everything in the bath package plus a haircut with a scissor finish

    Anal Gland and ear plucking only done upon owner's request

Now offering "Pamper Your Pooch"

Add on to any groom or bath:

Blueberry facial:   $5.00  

Teeth brushing:    $5.00

Mud bath:   $7 sm / $10 med /  $ 15 lg

Bundle all of these for the ultimate spa day:  $13 sm / $16 med / $21 lg

We provide a final quote once we're able to examine your dog . We base your total price on the size of your dog as well as the length and condition of its coat. For a dog with a coat in generally good condition, prices range from $47 for a small dog to $120 for a large long-hair dog. Our price is based around the total time it takes to groom your pet. 




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